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Intercessory Prayer Warriors


In Biblical times, without gatekeepers the enemy had access to the things of God.  But gatekeepers had the responsibility of keeping the gates secure -- giving protection to the city and guarding the treasures of God.   Prayer Warriors are like gatekeepers in that they protect, guard and by their praying they petition God to empower the people of God to do the work of God.
We now have 32 men and women signed up to pray for our association -- more are needed.  We are asking you to commit to just 15 minutes a day everyday in prayer for the needs/ministries of our association.
If you would like more information, please contact:
Mrs. Becky Sowers
PBA Prayer Team Leader
Phone:    469-3156

The Petersburg Baptist Association is a network of 48 Baptist churches who cooperate to further the saving and redeeming work of Jesus Christ. We seek to strengthen our churches and work together to do the Christian work of evangelism, missions, discipleship, fellowship, stewardship and worship. We believe we can do more for Christ working together, and cooperative ministry is an expression of Christian love and unity. The PBA shall maintain working relationships with all Baptist entities that advance the Gospel of Christ and promote the means and ministry of this Association. Our Association includes cooperating Baptist churches from the Tri-Cities area down to the North Carolina border. See our Constitution for more information about our mission, core beliefs, and how a church can join our Association.

A website that seeks to unite 48 churches in the building of the Body of Christ!

New Updates
10-25-14 - October Issue of  "The Gleam" is now available. 
02/06/2011 - Working on resolution to display the PBA annual in readable format.

06/21/2010 - Swimming pool release form has been added to the Kehukee reservation forms page.
05/18/10 - Updated PBA purpose statement on front page.  Removed top level menu pages that are currently unused

04/22/10 - Added the page for Values-Mission-Vision under the Office and Operations Tab.

04/21/10 - Updated the Policy and Procedures Manual Section 9.  Added revised Camp Kehukee usage fees and forms.  April Gleam now available.
03/14/10 -  PBA Special Events calendar is now available under "Our Churches" tab. 

03/13/10 -  New message from the moderator elect - front page.
03/12/10 - The information for Main Street Baptist Church has been updated.
02/18/10 - Updated the link to Central Baptist Church.  The link from Google search is incorrect.
02/05/10 - RA Basketball Ministry Page updated
02/05/10 - PBA Leadership roster updated


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